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You can’t go wrong with an all terrain full suspension e-Bike to explore the Opua to Horeke Twin Coast Cycle Trail or have a blast on the tracks at the new Waitangi Mountain Bike Park.

Never ridden an e-Bike before? No problem, it’s really easy “just like riding a bike” and we will show you the basics.

Operating Our e-Bikes

Power Modes

There are 4 different modes, Turbo (300%), Sport (200%), Tour (120%), Eco (50%) pedal assistance. These are controlled by your left thumb using plus or minus.

If the e-Bike is ridden in turbo mode consistently the battery will be depleted in approx. 40km’s depending on the weight of the rider. Eco will provide approx. 120km’s, power usage needs to be monitored and managed by the rider to ensure the battery is not flattened prior to the end of the hire period. The e-Bike can be ridden with no battery power, it effectively becomes a normal bike but with relatively high gears so is heavy to pedal however.


Front Brake on the Right Handle Bar, Rear Brake on the Left Handle Bar. These are disc brakes and are very effective, practice using them before you first need to.

Changing Gear

When changing gears up or down, keep the pedals moving but remove the effort (just keep the pedals rotating) and then change gear, if maximum effort is still applied to the pedals while changing gear the gears will be damaged.

It is also important that to get the maximum benefit from your e-Bike that the correct gear is selected. The cadence or number of pedals per minute needs to be kept up, if the bike is in a high gear on a steep hill the motor will become ineffective, change down as described above and the motor will become effective. The power from the motor is limited to 25km/hr.

In summary treat the e-Bike like a car, reduce the load on the pedal when changing gear (take your foot off the throttle) Change down when going uphill (change down in a car or else it will stall) and of course change up when going downhill.


Suspension settings can be changed, we recommend leaving them as set however if they are knocked or moved beware you will need to reset them. The front forks if damaged are not repairable, it is necessary to ensure these are not scraped or damaged while using the bike.

Minor repairs

Included with the e-Bike is a small multi tool, if at any time you notice something loose it is possible to retighten these items using the tool, major breakdowns require phoning the office on 0800 472 582 and we will assist you as promptly as possible.

Flat Tyres

Flat tyres are the most common issue, if an e-Bike is ridden on a flat tyre you will not only damage the tyre beyond repair you will most likely damage the rim as well, this is quite expensive to replace. If you do get a flat tyre call the office on 0800 472 582 and we will get a replacement to you as soon as possible.

Locking your bike

Under the seat is a bike lock. You are responsible, as per this agreement, for the e-Bike at all times, if it is stolen or lost the bike must be replaced at the hirers expense, we recommend not leaving the e-Bike unsupervised and when not in use locking the e-Bike using the lock provided.

Safety Tips

Always ride within your abilities, mountain bikes can be dangerous if not ridden properly. Read the track information prior to riding them to ensure you understand what level track you are riding.

If you stop on an uphill climb and then try and pedal away in a low gear you can easily wheel stand and fall off the bike, if stopped on a steep uphill dismount and walk the bike to a flat area to restart the ride.

During steep descents it is recommended to lower the seat, this will allow you to shift your weight back and help prevent you going over the handle bars during braking.